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My First Canine Best Friend and More to Follow

My earliest recollection of a canine best friend was a black Cocker Spaniel named Princess. Another Cocker named Brandy followed her in my life along with an assortment of new friends that included Miniature Dachshunds Patty I and Patty II, Beagles Maggie Beth, Frisky, and Napoleon, English Setter Cissy, various cats of all sorts including Siamese and what I smuggled home from the horse barn or found along the way, a teenage romance with American Saddle Bred horses, another Cocker named Brandy, another named Beauregard, a Belgian Shepherd named Minta and a Chinese Sharpei named Boo. Oh yes, and a pot bellied pig named Phydeaux along with the Macaw from Hell, Moo. Fast forward to 1991.


A Never Ending Love Affair – The German Bloodline German Shepherd

In 1991, I met John M. Henkel, the man who founded Wilhendorf along with his wife Susanne in 1959. That meeting changed my life forever and gave meaning to esteemed author Joseph Campbell’s words, “Follow your bliss.” Through John Sr., Sue and their children John Erich and Karen, I was introduced to the fascinating world of this thoroughbred of all dogs. There was no turning back, no doubt that I would spend the rest of my life with the most noble breed of dog on this planet. First in line was a young male Sevlow (Wolves spelled backwards). He was followed by Nency von der Haiersburg, and then her daughter Noni. I didn’t start out with the show bug, just the “I love these dogs” bug. On a beautiful fall afternoon I was hiking in the Catskills with Noni. A beam of sunlight shown over her through an arbor of trees as she stood in front of me on the trail, she was excited and leading me to a running river she could hear though I could not, and had turned to say “Come on, I want to show you something.” I was mesmerized by the float of her gait along the path and the statuesque beauty that sunbeam had framed her in. I called John Sr. excitedly. “John, I think I want to show.”


No Turning Back

I showed Noni in my first Sieger Show ever in Conway, NC. With Karen at my side to double handle and Walter Koetters as a handler, Noni was pulled out in first place after the individual stand for examination. I almost fainted on the spot and John Erich promptly told Karen and I to stop cheering and start running. The real fun was beginning, endless trips around the outside of the ring. SV Judge Henning Setzer ultimately placed her second, but there are no words for the thrill I felt. It was the beginning of the beginning for me. Noni had shown in the untitled class, not the big league titled class and I was determined to travel onward and upward with this breed. John Erich and his father helped me as I leapt unknowingly into the world of buying a dog from Germany. I wanted something I could win with, and as it turns out through that dream, I also received the gift of a dog that will always be the love of my life, Wanni. (You can read about her on our In Memoriam section on the site.) The call came, how would you like to have the VA4 female from Germany, her mother by the way is the 2X VA1 female from Germany. Next thing I knew, there she was in her glory, John and his father personally flew to Germany to bring her home to me and we were snuggling in bed together in short order. She achieved double Siegerin titles in the U.S. and in her first litter born in the U.S., produced VA Liesa von Wilhendorf. Her bloodlines are very much alive in the Globalhaus breeding program even today through Liesa, Nicoll and Cina.


Where Do You Go From Here?


Okay, you’ve been blessed enough to even have Wanni, she’s a star, and now what? Got to show those puppies right? And that is exactly what happened, in fact we showed Liesa and brother Lasso from her first U.S. litter when she was Siegerin for the first time in Bakersfield, CA. They were sired by VA Scott Deodatus and she also delivered several more litters here in the U.S., including a litter from German Sieger, VA1 Ursus von Batu. Years of showing dogs followed, and along the way other female GSD’s in my life included Yollie, April, Xcel, Xcite, Megane, Onika, Honey, Bonnie, Quola, Maisie, and Jicy. And then came Hoss.


Boys Will Be Boys


After a long running love affair with female GSD’s, and a four year hiatus from the show world, I bought a young male from Germany named Hoss vom Hirmer Teich in 2004. My first stud dog, who would become belovedly known in this country by the nickname “Mopsy” and achieve the coveted VA1 title of Sieger. His career is so notable as are his myriad of offspring shown in national progeny groups, that I wouldn’t know where to begin, but if you wish to know more about him, he has his own site under the Our Dogs section of the website. He is right here by my side, still the steadfast, handsome, ready to rumble with the females, and comical of all companions. Hoss blessed us all with Nick, our “Irish” dog, now a 7X VA male, and many lovely daughters, especially Belgie and Caterina. Belgie set a record with her class finish in Germany at the World Championships in 2008 and Caterina’s daughter Nicoll had an astounding SG10 finish at this event in 2010.


Globalhaus is Born


I registered my own kennel name in 2000, and began breeding under the moniker Globalhaus. The name reflects the fact that this breed is the impetus for many friendships forged around the globe because of a common passion, the German Bloodline German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherds have and will always be a hobby for me, one that without a doubt has brought me the greatest love and devotion imaginable.

I wish to thank all of my friends in Germany for helping to make Globalhaus an internationally known and respected kennel, and also express my appreciation to all the many loving families who share their lives with a Globalhaus dog. Thank you as well to the members of OG Carolina GSD Club who provide the fiber and fabric of a great group of friends in the breed.

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