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2015 GSDCA Sieger Show!!October 18, 2015 Globalhaus rocks it all weekend long and takes the coveted Number One Breeder in the nation award at the 2015 GSDCA Sieger Show!! 6 for 6 in performance along with highest performance scores of 4/4 for Athena and Zara. Athena achieves her VA rating and Zara is ranked V2 […]

News 2014

Christmas Eve update…December 24, 2014 Nicoll vom Globalhaus just finished giving birth to three little girls and one baby boy. Proud Papa is World Champion Mentos Osterbergerland. Thank you Santa!!!! Happy Holidays From Eton vom Globalhaus and his Mommy and Daddy. We are so thankful to have Eton in our lives. USCA 2014 Southeast Regional […]

News 2013

Happy New Year!New Year’s Eve 2013 Waro vom Globalhaus has his very own New Year’s Baby, a boy named Beau.  Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All. Breaking News, Delta vom Globalhaus saves Christmas…Christmas Eve 2013 Just in from the Walton Family regarding Delta/Isis. We bet she is on Santa’s Nice list permanently. Good job girl!!! This […]

News 2012

Merry Christmas 12/14/2012 Talia and Rommi vom Globalhaus have both been very good girls this year. Talia took her cause directly to Santa and Rommi is waiting patiently in just the right spot for Santa’s arrival. Meanwhile Santa is taking a well earned nap while “visions of German Shepherd puppies dance in his head.” Merry […]

News 2010

2010   Merry Christmas! from Mopsy and the Globalhaus gang.   Nicoll vom Globalhaus wins another show in Germany. 2010   Happy Thanksgiving from Globalhaus. 2010   NASS 2010 (North American Sieger Show) Reston Virginia, October 14th-17th.   A special “You’re the Best” to our German handlers Michael Vogt and Ludwig Roth and Globalhaus Team Member […]

News 2007

Globalhaus News 2007: 2007   We created a Happy Owners Site, so please send us some pix from you and your little friend.   New pix from Calibur and Catarina vom Stuberhaus,  taken in Germany, 12.23.2007.   The Team Globalhaus  Site updated, 12.22.2007.   “Mischa von Wilhendorf” confirmed pregnant!!!! December 15th.   New picture of  […]

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