Team Globalhaus Females:
V Fanta vom Globalhaus

SchH2, KKL1-a, LBZ, a stamp Hips and Elbows, normal and normal

Fanta is a full sister to V Fina vom Globalhaus and is also the daughter of our Globalhaus sweetheart and North American Siegerin, VA1 Nicoll von der Ochsenfurt. Her lines go back to another of our North American Siegerins, VA1 Wanni von der Wienerau through Nicoll, Stenley Lehnhof, Oduscha Wienerau and Qrick Wienerau. Her father line is VA1 Ken vom Elzmuendungsraum, whose father Solo von Frutetto is also the sire of our VA1 Hoss vom Hirmer Teich.


Fanta is the mother of the Y Litter Globalhaus and her daughter Yes!! represented Globalhaus in the 2011 North American Sieger Show Kennel Group Competition.

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