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Team Globalhaus Group Competition:


Globalhaus German Shepherds:


We always strive to breed wonderful animals, we compete full out in shows around the world to achieve international rankings, but what does a breeder really hope to attain at the highest levels of competition? A true breeder carries the passion of putting their stamp on the breed. The Kennel Group competition is the most arduous and complex level of breeder competition on this planet. At the end of the show, normally a national event held once a year, the competition begins. The breeder may select five dogs from their breeding program and only five, to exhibit their understanding of German Shepherd genetics. The goal is to show that you are able to breed the same beauty, ability, type, and temperament but with a complex set of mothers and fathers.


There are three components:


Mothers and Fathers – Highest complexity is that the five dogs have five different fathers and mothers, no easy task.


Type – Also known as your particular signature of beauty as a breeder in terms of excellent anatomy, movement, and pigment – Five dogs should look alike as much as possible.


Placement – How did the dogs finish in terms of placement in the show, normally placement rules but in this case not, in this case it is the expertise of the breeder overall that counts.

We are proud to present our list of Kennel Group placements in various competitions always under prestigious SV judges over the past six years.


First Place:
U.S. – SV Richter Lauber – NY
U.S. – SV Richter Knaul – SC
U.S. – SV Richter Mai – NC
Canada – SV Richter Fetten


Second Place:
North America – SV Richter Woerner and SV Richter Boesl
Switzerland – SV recognized Richter Hollstein
U.S. – SV Richter van Dorssen


Third Place:
Switzerland – SV recognized Richter Hollstein
North America – SV Richter Brauch and SV Richter Schweikert


Fourth Place:
North America – SV Richter Mai and SV Richter Lauber





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