Team Globalhaus Males:

VA Kloud vom Solebrunnen

SchH3, KKL1-a, a-normal Hips and Elbows

Kloud is newly arrived and sure to be superstar here is the U.S. The product of copious VA ancestry, he is also linebred on German Sieger VA1 Zamp vom Thermados and German Siegerin Xara vom Agilofinger on the father line. We at Globalhaus are pleased to announce that one of his first litters on the ground in our country is with our very own beauty, V Fina vom Globalhaus, SchH2, KKL1, Hips and Elbows: “normal”.

Kloud is currently standing at stud in Nokesville, VA with fellow OG Carolina GSD Club member Megan Judge.

Click here to arrange a stud or for all inquiries regarding Kloud.

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