Team Globalhaus Males:

V Shicco vom Globalhaus

IPO2, KKL1-a, LBZ, a-normal Hips and Elbows 

Shicco made his North American Sieger Show debut in Herndon, Virginia.  Handled expertly by Ludwig Roth, he achieved a great Sehr Gut ranking in the 18-24 month male class. He is a son of VA Hatto vom Huhnegrab and has already completed his BH, AD and IPO2 titles.   He has an engaging and sweet personality, and his mother’s exceptional working ability is very apparent in his development.   His pedigree includes multiple World Sieger and Siegerin heritage including Yasko, Ursus, Connie, and Larus. He represented us very well in the 2011 NASS Kennel Group Competition and is rated V-Excellent.

Shicco is standing at stud in North Carolina. To arrange a stud with this top Hatto son, please click here.















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