It’s greatly rewarding to know that our dogs are a source of love and joy in their new households.

Scroll down to see some of the many wonderful letters and photos we have received. Click here to read more family comments about their Globalhaus puppies!

“Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that Lilly and I passed our CGC test this week. She is such a sweet easy going girl. Ultimately, I would like to get her registered as a therapy dog. We have some more classes to go and we’re headed in the right direction. Thank you again for all you have done for the breed. We couldn’t be any happier with our girl. “

-The Lemmons Family


“Greta has been with us for one week now and she has already become such a big part of our family. Her floppy little ears and soft puppy fur were enough to win our hearts over before we even got to know her personality. When you add that to it, we are truly in love! She has acclimated to our family and become a shadow that we can’t imagine being without. She has forced us to stop and focus on the simple things in life – lots of rest time with her curled up next to us, or going outdoors to play, or just watching her as she discovers everything for the first time.”

-The Sullivan Family

“Dear Mom:

I’m just writing to tell you how swell things are going with my new family. You just won’t believe it. Not only does my new family include a veterinarian, so I never have to go to the vet, they own the Paw Beach Pet Resort


It’s really cool, I get to hang out there all day in any suite I may fancy, watch movies, and play with all sorts of doggie pals. When I get home, I’m just plain ready for a long nap. And guess what else, they have a salt water lap pool with a beach too!! Here’s a movie set to music of me swimming and having a good old time. I guess that also makes me a movie star now. So Mom, I do miss you, but if you don’t mind I think I’ll stay right where I am forever.”

The Sullivan Family


(Formerly known as Emmett, sorry Mom, the name change is helping my movie career.)

“Here’s a Nando update. Of course he is amazing, incredibly intuitive and calm. A total people dog, but still wonderful with our old boy Mav, as he plays just rough enough to make things exciting without hurting the old boys bones. Nando is always in the mix with our young grand kids. He plays with whatever they play with making puzzle time a bit tricky and giving many of their toys slight dents. He seems to know that the toys are important to the kids so he spares even the really fun stuff from his jaw power. He is totally bonded to the children and I know would die for them. Nando begs to go on car trips where he is so good I’m afraid that I’ll forget he’s in the car. What a guy!

Anyway, I wanted you to know how much we love him and how wonderful he is to each of us. Thank you! Oh, Mark wants to know how Nando’s sister is doing in competition. If she is like her brother I believe she will be fabulous.”

Nano update


-The Buesching Family

“Here is Isis w/HER boy & HER girl @ 10 weeks old. She got rave reviews at her vet appt today!! They were so thrilled w/ her temperament & her health. Isis fell asleep during the exam & it was a piece of cake. In two weeks she’s gained a healthy 7 pounds. We cannot say enough about how wonderful this puppy girl is! We keep waiting for her to “act up” but she’s being very patient w/us, helping us to understand that she’s “just not that kind of girl.”

We love & adore our Isis. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ”

P.S. I hope it wasn’t rude to fall asleep at my vet appointment. If so….sorry! ❤ Isis

Update: Isis Saves Christmas 2013


-The Walton Family

“We have two beautiful German Shepherds! We met the Globalhaus team right after we were married. The first addition we welcomed to our family was Oskar from Germany. Then 1 year later – we welcomed Rommi Vom Globalhaus! Both of our dogs are extremely intelligent. They both have very strong personalities and are our best friends. Oskar is quite amazing. He does his chores, is always smiling, and will get us a drink out of the refrigerator when we ask. We live on a lake in North Carolina and our two dogs can out swim any other “water dog.” Last summer we even taught Oskar to rescue us if we were ever in need. He can swim while pulling over 200 pounds behind him! Our pups also like to go Kayaking with us. They have their own life jackets that they wear for long distances. These two precious “children” in our life are part of our family and our everyday activities. Rommi even travels with me to Wilmington and goes to daycare while I am in class. I would like to thank Cynthia and the Globalhaus team for being there to offer advice and support. It’s true, when you get a Globalhaus dog, you are not just getting a dog, you are getting friends too!”


-The Horne Family

“Zara is so special to us. Our girl is smart, simple to train, and very loving, even to our other dogs. She is stunning looking which garners a lot of compliments, but mostly she just loves to be with us. We have enjoyed your guidance and support, and look forward to many more achievements with Zara in the show ring. Thank you Globalhaus for such a wonderful companion who brings so much joy into our lives!!”

Zara bottom


-The Benedict Family

“Thank you so much for the picture of us with Vita! It was very nice of you to capture that moment for us! 

Vita gets the world’s best puppy award!!! I’m in awe over how wonderful she completes our family!!! She has the BEST personality while being confident, “spunky,” sweet, and loyal!! You couldn’t have described her any better than with the word “spunky”!!! After her naps and in the morning she goes into “spunky time”! Boy, is it hilarious to watch her in action! She LOVES her crate, is eating well, and she’s getting along great with our dog, Luke! I learned very quickly that she is a water bug! Wet grass and her water dish, are her two favorite things 😉 My most favorite thing is her loyalty to me. Even within the first few hours she became mine and I became hers! She follows me everywhere I go and lays right at my feet while i’m working on the computer. It’s the sweetest thing ever, we’ve definitely bonded!!! I found myself rocking her the other night, just like a baby..ha! I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but I think you probably already know!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!! She was well worth the wait!”

The Benedict Family


-The McCallum Family

“We had our first snow of the season on Saturday and Baron was in his glory. Lots of fun walking in the forest with him as he sniffed, slid, frolicked and hopped.

On the training front, he’s doing very well. At our facility, K9 Concepts, he heeled nicely off-lead yesterday with plenty of distractions around. His extended sits and downs are very good, his recalls are great, come-to-heal is quick and heeling in general is getting tighter. Sometimes, if the pace of training feels too slow for him, Baron will literally bark right at me, as if to say, “Let’s keep going, Dad!” He also has great temperament around the other dogs and handlers.

In sum, he’s a great, upbeat GSD with plenty of love and drive. He’s plenty handsome and attracts a real crowd wherever we go. Recently, his legs are gaining some deep red colors as the black begins to transition and his saddle starts to emerge.

Tessa is doing great also, quite the confident girl you bred. Here’s a few moments of togetherness over a carrot – shared at first, then stolen by Tessa only to be re-taken and devoured by Baron…

Baron top
Baron top

…and they Lived Happily Ever After”


-The Feldman Family

“We have a veterinarian friend from North Carolina who calls Zidane “The Magnificent” and have asked for his picture, which is now on the wall in his office. Zidane is very playful and kind. He enjoys when people come to our house. We love him dearly and he knows that. He is very trainable and we now can leave him alone at home without any specific restrictions for many hours. He even communicates with our son when he calls from Sweden on Skype…”



-The Mitelman Family

“Talia loves to be outside. She’s a stick girl! Loves to play with sticks. And loves to chase balls. And she has a slew of toys to play with in the house. No matter where I sit, she is usually right by (if not on them!) my feet. Very lovable 🙂 We are having so much fun with her and enjoying her so much, I can’t believe that we have only had her for 4 days. It seems like she has been part of our family for so much longer :)”

Talia top
Talia bottom


-The Lewsey Family

“Things are going well! ZAK is incredible. He is 90% house broken and super on a leash. A true blessing of an addition to our family. We certainly have a gem for sure…

Zak update: He is doing great. I just got him home from a 6 week advanced obedience training course with GaK9 NTC in Canton, Ga. I was quite surprised to find out he was the most agile GSD they’ve ever seen. Zak is very fleet of feet. Actually, he’s down right FAST.”



-The Buttrey Family

“I wanted to drop you a line to say “hello” and send you pictures of our twins (now 7 ½ mos, Zade and Aria) and Chippy and Nina. The dogs have been fabulous – Chippy was quite protective from the beginning (and has been particularly keen on watching Zade) and Nina is the ultimate mama dog (and really has a special bond with Aria.) The dogs did not leave my side while I was pregnant (for much of which I was at home on restricted activity) and although they were quite exhausted when the babies first came home, they have adjusted so well. The babies love the dogs, as well, and watch them and want to pet them constantly. Zade and Aria are not quite mobile yet, but that will be a whole new experience when they are! Poor Chippy and Nina will be exhausted trying to keep track of them!”

The Buttrey Family


-The Beres Family

“Gabby is the light of our lives. She has really bonded with us and knows her name. She can come and sit. She knows where to go potty outside. And she’s very playful, intuitive, smart, curious…such an amazing, smart, healthy puppy.

Our shepherd mix has really taken to her and they chase each other around the house…little does Daisy know that Gabby will be bigger than her soon enough!

Gabby had a great report at the vet’s and actually fell asleep during her visit! Everyone is so drawn to her and she has a great rapport with strangers.

Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs…we are so glad we found you on the internet.”



-The Crawford Family

“This beautiful girl is the perfect family member – playful, cuddly, affectionate and gentle with children while also smart, protective, quick and powerful. Lucy trained her first-time dog owners well and returns the care given to her in multiples of love. Lucy is a constant and faithful companion, and she is eager to share all of our experiences, especially at meal time!!”

the Crawford family


-The Buonanno Family

“He is the BEST puppy on earth…took him to a yard sale and then out shopping and then out to lunch last Saturday and he was so good with all the new people! I know Elise must have told you how much I just love my dog…..she told me not to act like it’s Christmas Morning every time I see him! That is too hard to do…he’s such a cute friendly wonderful dog….He does like to help me at the sink….he jumps up at that sink, has his paws up there and helps me wash the dishes! OK, he really doesn’t help…just gets soap all over his nose…I know I’m probably spoiling him! HA! So what…mommy loves that boy!!!”

-The Buonanno Family


-The Faircloth Family

“We just wanted to touch base with you and say hello! Everyone is doing great here. Chippy and Nina have enjoyed their recent beach vacations and Chippy had become even more snuggly and affectionate than he ever was. This past week, he has taken to sneaking into bed with us in the middle of the night – and staying until morning. He got up the other night and squeezed himself into the space between my head and the headboard and curled around me like a cat. Let’s just say I felt very safe. He also loves to cuddle with his sister – they are such dolls and get along perfectly.

Nina is fantastic and is my ever-present buddy when I am cooking in the kitchen! She is so well-behaved and sweet – and then she pounces on the bed in the morning to get everyone up. We could not love her and Chippy more.”



-The Beres Family

“My husband fell in love with Figo the moment he saw him! He is so awesome, so clean and always uses the paper, we are really impressed. He likes to cuddle in our arms all the time, my kids hold him a lot, and he is eating well. He likes his cute little bed and napping there and it seems like he has already grown since yesterday! We placed his bed next to ours in our bedroom and he didn’t move from 11 to 5! Our cats are doing great with him so far, we never leave him alone with them, but there hasn’t been signs of aggressive behavior, perhaps they understand he is a puppy. 

Figo Update: He is named after a famous soccer player and he loves to play with balls! All family, friends and neighbors have fallen in love with him, and he is the most gorgeous dog on earth!!”

Thanks so much!



-The Musalem Pinto Family

“Hanno and Hexe have been true companions for us since the day of their arrival. We of course had read about the GSD breed and their personality traits — loyalty, courage, companionship, protection — but we were not prepared for how true these things are in our dogs. And we were not prepared for how meticulously well Globalhaus bred these perfect Shepherd dogs. Better than we ever could have hoped for! We now do everything with “the kids” … from hiking and trekking to biking in the neighborhood to trips to Starbucks. It’s hard to imagine life before these guys. 

Hexe is our driver and daddy’s girl — she is always adventurous and ready for a challenge. She loves her frisbee and any games that involve breakneck speed. Hanno is glued to his mother and loves to go for rides in the car. He loves to watch Animal Planet as well — he still thinks the animals are somewhere in the house. These are truly special dogs and we are incredibly happy to share our lives with them.

Thanks for these great dogs, Globalhaus! ”

The Musalem Pinto Family


-The Baab Family

“Hi, we just wanted to give you an update on our handsome Stryker! Stryker is 15 months old now and he is the most loyal, happy, loving, tender hearted dog that anyone comes in contact with. He plays his part for us as a wonderful watch dog at our gate and as soon as he sees that it is OK with me he becomes the loving dog he is. I am always amazed at the people that I come in contact with that have owned German Shepherds, train them and have purchased already trained dogs that cannot believe his charming disposition and even temperament. Our vet loves him to pieces. I could have never imagined how loyal a dog can be instinctively. The trainer is amazed at his traits for temperament, guarding and socializing with other dogs. He goes on walks with the trainer with different dogs (20 at a time) every week. Now that is a perfectly balanced dog! We can’t say enough about the work you have done breeding this outstanding dog. He goes every where with us, he adores the car and is so good in it you don’t even know he is there. We look forward to getting a playmate for him! Thanks for being the responsible breeder that you are. All our sincere appreciation and love for giving us the love of our life! “

-The Baab Family


-The Critchlow Family

“I know you must hear it all the time, but he is the most amazing dog and makes all others pale in comparison. Rusty is THAT beautiful! Here’s one more picture for you that shows his rich colors a little better. I just love, love, love him!!!”

The Critchlow Family


-The Shaner Family

“Essie is my 5th German Shepherd and the best.  He is my second male and such a lover and sweet dog.  He loves my husband as much as me, lays on the couch in his lap every night, by the way, the leather furniture is all his!  We live on a 400 acre farm and with his tracking background he knows every inch.  He loves to chase everything, he loves his toys and fetches like an expert, this spring a bear was scaring my husband half to death, Essie chased him right up a tree.  He loves the beach, loves waves, we take a trip to NC every fall so he and my older shepherd can chase the waves.  I hope that he is the first of many to come from Globalhaus.  I cannot say enough about his wonderful personality, such a love.”

-The Shaner Family


-The Bailey Family

“I just wanted to let you know that Rolf is doing great, looking great, and having a great time ruling the roost.” This dog is such a blessing in our lives. He is about 85 pounds and has moved into our bed, despite the fact that he has a twin bed in our room of his own. He still loves playing ball and RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING. He remains the bright spot in my day.”

-The Bailey Family


-The Butler Family

“Ares is doing great! He is getting BIG! We have been taking him with us to a lot of new places with us, and he LOVES car rides! Pat, my husband and Ares are best friends. They LOVE playing together outside. All of my husband’s soldiers LOVE to play with Ares too. He is as big and as strong as them, so they are equal competition when playing around. It was love at first sight.

I get compliments on how gorgeous and polite he is every time we take him somewhere in public. He is the best. Thank you so much for fulfilling my dream of owning the best German shepherd!! We will be getting another sometime in the future.”


-The Wallin Family

“I wanted to share some pictures of “SISKA”. She is doing well and growing (70lbs), very intelligent and gets lots of attention everywhere we go in Wilmington. Thanks for the great dog you chose for us when we showed up to pick up the puppy. SISKA is a great match for this family.”



-The Rossil Family

“This morning he awoke did his push ups, sit ups, ate all of his morning food took a fifteen to twenty minute pause, barked until I let him out to do his business, and back to the crate. At the next break we played a bit and he started to inventory all the new scents. He would roam a bit, see a bird or two in a tree chirping, a squirrel running along the fence or in a tree. He would go towards these sounds and observations, pause as if stalking them and then break into a romp here and there. He stuck his face into the water bowl as he was drinking, submerge his muzzle half into he water, shake his head and then chase the splashing water as it flew off his muzzle. We are getting off to an exciting start with Hoss vom Globalhaus and thank you for the opportunity to have him as a family member.”

-The Rossil Family


-The Sorg Family

“We wanted you to know everything’s going well. She slept in her crate in our bedroom last night and didn’t make a noise until this morning when we took her outside. (#1 and 2 all seem normal.)

She and jo jo appear to have a great time playing together and she follows him around the house and yard. He seems to have completely accepted her. She’s a very loving and sweet girl and seems to have taken to me in particular, perhaps because she’s used to being with you.

We could not be happier with Sadie/Elfe. She is not only beautiful with her gorgeous red coat, but she is loving and sweet, especially with our two young children who constantly chase her. Her temperament is gentle and her actions are predictable; she is the first dog we bring out when we have company in our home. She may sound like a pushover, but make no mistake, she is protective and independent.”

-The Sorg Family


-The Norby Family

“I wanted to let you know that Waro made it home, he only whined for the first 5 minutes and then he slept for most of the ride. We are absolutely in love with him. He is hilarious. His ears are already up, he is sitting on command, and he goes right in his crate at night. He was really funny on the hard wood floors in the beginning and he is so goofy! We want to thank you for caring for him so well, he is an amazing animal.”

-The Norby Family


-The Finka Family

“Thank you so very much for letting us bring Katie (Tabata) into our family. She plays with us all the time. She loves chasing the kong and bringing it back to us. When Lily takes a nap, Katie snuggles with her. We love her very much.”

-The Finka Family
The Finka Family 2


-Ava & Lily

“Hello! Just wanted to let you know that Apollo is doing wonderfully and getting so big! He has been working on basic obedience for a while now and is such a smarty pants. The trainer says he’s her star doggie. He loves the water, loves people and loves other animals.”

Apollo Update… “He’s such a great dog and my best buddy. He is doing
Search and Rescue work now and is starting live tracking. We are a great
team! He just loves it!”

-Ava & Lily


-The Retzlaff Family

Happy Families

-The Retzlaff Family

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