Team Globalhaus Females:
V Ursa vom Globalhaus

IPO2, KKL1-a, LBZ,a-stamp Hips and Elbows, fast normal and normal.

Ursa vom Globalhaus is the lovely granddaughter of our very own Siegerin, VA1 Nicoll von der Ochsenfurt and daughter of another Globalhaus superstar, V Fina vom Globalhaus. Her father is VA1 Bill von der Fuerstenaua.

Ursa’s line goes all the way back to our Double Siegerin VA1 Wanni von der Wienerau.  You can read all about Wanni in the In Memoriam section of the site.  The continuation of Wanni’s lines through all these generations is the stuff dreams are made of, the reason for it all, the fuel for the passion of breeding.  A source of love that is boundless.  Ursa has multiple international show rankings that reflect so very grandly the impeccable motherline she continues.  As we say at Globalhaus, the motherline is the destiny….

Ursa will be competing for her first working titles early next year and placed SG3 at the 2011 North American Sieger Show in a highly competitive class that included two highly placed dogs from the World Championship in front of her. She represented Globahaus in the Kennel Group Competition at the 2011 NASS as well and was a great part of the overall beauty of our group that received 100 out of 100 possible points for type and complexity of five mothers and five fathers.


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