Team Globalhaus Males:

VA Waiko vom Schaumbergerland

SchH3, KKL1-a, LBZ, a stamp Hips and Elbows, normal and normal, ZW 79


Waiko, a picture perfect red sable holds a world record for a sable with his SG22 BSZS finish in 2008.  He placed just behind current World Sieger VA1 Remo Fichtenschlag at that show.  His motherline is VA Polara vom Schaumbergerland, SchH2, KKL1-a, a top producer at the world level.  His fatherline is V Xano vom Finkenschlag, SchH3, FH1, KKL1-a.  Xano’s line comes through multiple VA1 males including Hobby, Ursus and Yoker.


He recently presented a large progeny group at the 2011 North American Sieger Show with 33% of his progeny placing in the top three and two of whom won their respective national level classes.  His work ethic on the field is excellent but he is just as comfortable in your lap kissing your face.  Waiko stands at stud, currently in Virginia and West Virginia, with fellow OG Carolina GSD Club member Randy Brent and is owned by fellow Globalhaus team member David Plank.


To arrange a stud with Waiko, please email Randy at blauenbergen@att.net.

















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